Gaugemaster Prodigy Express Starter Pack

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Gaugemaster Prodigy Express Starter Pack

For a newcomer to DCC or for the operation of a smaller layout, this system is a great choice. Comprising of a Base Station, Walkaround, and Power Supply, this system is packed with features but is above all, incredibly easy to use and allows you to run your railway without fuss.

With 1.6 amps, there is enough power to keep things interesting but its best feature is its sheer ease of use. Some other budget systems have the control on the console, but with this system the lightweight and comfortable Walkaround allows you extra mobility.

You can add an additional handset to your system to unlock extra functions and point control.

If you wish to extend your EXPRESS system, this is easily achievable by adding a Prodigy ADVANCE Walkaround DCC14, as is adding Wireless capability by using either the DCC51 Wireless conversion set or the Prodigy Wifi Module DCC05.

Not as powerful as its older brother the Prodigy ADVANCE DCC02 and without the ability to operate accessories in its current format, this system might not suit the more experienced modeller, but for the newcomer or someone keen to try DCC at a competitive price, this should be a system worth consideration.

Features include:

  • DCC Track Voltage - 13.8v DC
  • Current Rating - 1.6A
  • Address Capability - 2 & 4 Digit
  • Speed Steps - 14, 28 & 128
  • Accessory Functions - 29 (F0 - F28)

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